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1 - Letter from Abroad - 9th April '08

pre Dec '08Posted by aileen Mon, February 03, 2014 20:20:59
Arrived in at place we are staying yesterday. all ok, bit like mosney, 5 to a cabin, 1 bunk bed so managed not to get stuck with it, however sharing with a girl who is coughing and spluttering lots. (bunk may have been better).

Food just ok, and managed to figure out how to work the heater in the room this morning.

Visited course today. its a horse racing ground, so the ground is very uneven. 4 laps with 1 hill (only 3 times hill) On the good side its quite mucky and on the even better side its raining now so it should get worse, suits us fine.

Team kit isnt as good. I've been issued with green knickers and bra. I am not wearing knickers, after some quiet inquiries I discovered one of the male team managers (brother dooley) has got a pair of team shorts I can borrow thank the lord. Race is at 3pm tomorow and I think there should be 50-80 in the womens race. we start in pens so I'll be at the back the one with blood gushing from my shins with spike marks, or alternatively I can be found lying on the ground at the finish 25m later.

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Not much else fun, bit weird not swimming or cycling. but I should be well rested. there is a pool on site but they told me it was closed today- (on a saturday!).
Food soon, this keyboard is terribly french, the a,q,m,w and all the other thingies are in the wrong places so this has taken ages to type, you better all appriciate it!