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2 - A New Year, A New Life - 20th April '08

pre Dec '08Posted by aileen Mon, February 03, 2014 20:22:22
Taken aboard the Triathlon Ireland High Performance squad. Jag introduces us to tri coach Chris Jones, (probably the best) he gives me a new programme, consisting of roughly 3or 4 swims, 3or 4 cycles, 5 runs, translating to probably twice the amount of training I’m used to. Going along nicely, TI squads every month and hitting between 16-20hours of training per week.

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Been sponsored by Wheelworx! Excellent news, as poor wee student can ditch the E9 Lidl bib tights in favour of the oh so striking (yet still gorgeous) blue and orange of wheelworx. How long did it take me to get into the new blue seventy wetsuit- rob says “yeah you need the next size down”, ok so it was tight. Amazing to get some new (well needed) kit, but nothing in comparison to Rob’s help with fitting for a new bike, advice and genuine caring attitude for a new member of the wheelworx team. Looking forward to racing!!!!!!!!

Went to Majorca for a training week (Easter) came off bike 1st day, thought id got away with some bruising as I managed to cycle back to hotel, but Spanish doc says wrist broken! Arm in cast for 5days missed all the cycling! Dam. But then doc changed mind, good news nothing broken. Had a great time anyhow, turboed by the pool and swam 1arm with a big plastic glove on for the week, got a doggie 1arm tan and had a well deserved break from teaching at school.

Next week been selected for the Irish University squad to race World Cross country in France. I didn’t race great, but fantastic experience to race alongside the world best, and come away with a team bronze, thanks to the girls, Fannoula, Lynda, Ciara, and Deidre.

Back home to head cycling with Rob and Elena in the hills of Dublin ON MY NEW BIKE!. Bit apprehensive on the downhills (still afraid) but great to get out with 2 great cyclists, and complete weirdos of the highest order. They say us triathletes are crazy but these guys r looped.

Supposed to be racing Pontevdra (ITU Spain), but with wrist, and XC Chris decided it was best not to race as I wouldn’t feel ready. I trust Chris and I know its for best, though I’m disappointed. Hoping to get in some home racing before any bigger races. I don’t want to go away to my first ITU race and get laughed at for not knowing anything, and was having nightmares about coming last (you remember the commonwealth coverage where the 2 random guys were last out of sea, and couldn’t really swim?).

Next on agenda, wee local race Buncrana Duathlon, followed by Joey Hannon. Missing my clubs race, (Northwest sprint in Derry) but the TI HP squad are doing it together so it should be fun.