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3 - Training Camp and Race - 8th May '08

pre Dec '08Posted by aileen Mon, February 03, 2014 20:23:39
The first race of 2008…

After the long drive the TI camp got off to a start on Thursday with some swimming in Clara Co Offally. We managed a swim & run that day. The training was relatively easy, so we knew it would be down to business Friday morning. And that it was..

We found our way eventually to tullamore track and set up our turbos for a session I had done before, time trialling on the bike for 8 min then off and straight into a run set starting with 800mtrs. Silly Aileen thought she knew how it felt and would be grand. Woopsie, got too excited and went too fast on first one, near puked and thought was gonna die. Chris says casually… ‘that’s what oxygen debt feels like’. Lesson learned!

Later Rob came to help turn the knife even more with a 90min ride with some sprints. I managed about 23 seconds of a 30 second sprint before I feel like I’d fall off.

Saturday was just as eventful when we thought we’d do some bike skills. Aileen doesn’t know how to turn a corner, so Chris thought it would be a good idea for Jag to stand in the middle of the road whilst I practiced going around him into a left hander. Wasn’t that lovely of Chris to volunteer Jag like that. Jag has so many useful traits, a man of many talents. I wasn’t allowed to use my brakes, poor Jag!. Then when they decided that wasn’t hard enough they made a gate we had to pass through both of them! Death wish or what?

The weekend was rounded off with plenty of runs, drills, swims, strength and conditioning, and most importantly food from the guy who does the catering. That stew was great mate. As always the Quinn’s at Clara house were the perfect hosts.

So, off we all head to Limerick for our first outing of the season. Joey Hannon.

I was entered for the Sprint event 2 weeks previously, and after the boys started calling it the ‘Try a Try’, I was feeling a bit novicy, so I went and changed my mind in the car in the way up. Good job as Chris had already got the coin out to flip for heads or tails. Elena was entered for the Olympic distance so I thought it would be nice to race. Though that meant not racing Clare as she was in the sprint.

Didn’t sleep a wink, that I had casually mentioned a glass of wine the previous night. I was hoping someone would say it was a great idea, but that didn’t happen, boo hoo. Race day and I suggest Brian Campbell take out the lane. It was a bit slow paced (sorry Brian) but my fault I should have over taken. My cycle was pure pants, no other word for it. Tired legs, but they felt fine on the run so no excuses. Elena made up the 5m gap by Finnegans roundabout (you wee so and so..) and shouted at me not to sleep on the way past. That girls calves and quads are like nothing I have ever seen before. Onto to the run and I caught Elena at 3k or so, going on to win by 2 min I think. Whoever thought of putting a silly cycle in the middle of my two favourite events!

I met Elena at the end, she was outraged at her run, and I was outraged by my cycle.

Such is Triathlon!