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Pontresina - 24 August '10

Pre February 2014Posted by aileen Mon, February 03, 2014 21:42:21
The Irish squad have returned in style. We missed Sean Renfer this year so we've rented accomodation instead, a lovely wee apartment which looks across the Swiss Alps.

Chris, Ricki (SINI physiologist) Martina (S&C), D (physio), Gav, Kerry, Connor Murphy and myself have been enjoyiong the thin air and increased workload.

Since we've been in Pontresina we've been working away at swim, bike, run eat and sleep quite well! So far- a few swims in the lake and pool, a few up hill runs, a track session, and the odd cycle, either up albula or even stelvio!

Yes Stelvio has to be the highlight so far. We drove to Levingio as otherwise it would have been a 5hour, 4climb ride. Then we rode through Italy to the infamous Stelvio climb, 35k long, 48 switchbacks, and a finish at 2750m altitude with a few 14% gradients thrown in! Not easy cycling. I enjoyed me caffiene gel that day, and i specifically remember having it on the 33rd corner (there were signs at each switchback counting down), there was an hour to go to the top and i knew i needed it then. 10mins later i was high fiving Connor and woopwoop-ing each 1k count down. We did make it, and had pizza at the top.

We've alos been inspired by a few athletes here again this year, we chatted to Mara Yamauchi, and seen all the Kenyans at the track.

below me gav & connor at the top of bernina for our long run,, up hill!

Its been fine eating with everyone taking their turn at dinner. I think we all most enjoyed Rickis beans on toast!

Pontresina is lovely town im sure we will visit alot in the coming years- at the local market on thursday we enjoyed the swiss hot dogs and live music as a great treat for a hard weeks work.