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An ode to Connor - 28 August '10

Pre February 2014Posted by aileen Mon, February 03, 2014 21:43:11
Im pushing an elephant up the stairs, thats what this week felt like. Come wednesday morning swim session I had hit the wall and the piano fell. 4 sets of 4x75, 4x50s was not what I had in mind, but I tried anyhow. Good job we had a decent break and some aerobic work before a half day on Friday spent in Livigino the Italian tax free haven (the town next door to us).

So the cycling been tough going too, but luckily I've got Connor for company. Connors wheel and Connors feet have been my new best friends. Just fast enough to push me harder than I wanted to go, its been great to train with someone on camp. He has joined me on all my cycle sessions and was the reason I made it up Stelvio last week. 40x100s in the pool would have been ridiculoiusly monotonus wihout him, but in fact it was fine and im learning to like the bubbles. In the lake the other day we had decided we should swim closer to each other and 'beat each other up more'- (his words), so we did, and I got a bop on the nose. I stopped to cry for about 30seconds and then got on with it! This year Connor set himself a goal to win the European age groups in Athlone, and the World age groups in Budapest. A sound guy, with targets in mind he deserves the success im sure he will get. Hopfully we will see him on the elite European cicrcuit next year.

Meanwhile we lost a few, Ricki, Gav and Kerry have left us. Gav is racing at home (despite an unexpected copenhagen stop-over) after a fantastic return to training here. It may take some more time to get back to where he was, but im confident that he is fit, and should be in amazing shape for Hautalco and Teongyoung by the end of the season. Kerry is off to Almere and will meet up with Brian there, both racing on Sunday. Good luck to all 3.

A day off calls for feet up and some videos so im off to watch the borne identity, and possibly bake later on.

Big thanks to D for coming on camp, 3hard weeksof training makes for niggles so we were all gald she was able to fix us up. Celebratory curry & vino tonight for D.