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The Road to Budapest - 4 September '10

Pre February 2014Posted by aileen Mon, February 03, 2014 21:44:20
I've only 2days left in Pontresina. And todays a day off! Yipee. I always feel in need of the day off just as it comes so I was delighted to finish early on Friday and head to Livingio (again) for some R&R (and shopping and steak).

The legs are feeling the burn so I decided today I'd go sit in the river (there are glacier rivers here, kina grey and mucho frio).

Conor was the last to leave on Friday morning and competes tomorrow at home in the national sprint champs. So now its just me and the physologist Declan. We searched Livingio for an Iirsh bar yesterday so we could watch the footy, but the 2 we found were closed! Poor dec. On the way home we got stopped at the Italian border for the first time, and asked for our passports. Having brought mine the 5 previous times we'd made the trip and not being asked for it I didnt bother. We got held for 10minutes while they checked our details, two least likely convicts Aileen Morrison & Declan Gamble! HA. Declan is as clean and straight as a... clean straight thing. So it was v funny.

I will miss Pontresina as a training venue. Despite the snow last week and the few days of cold weather it has been an almost perfect location to work from. I think we all agreeded we'd ask the lady to install us internet and a washing machine for next year, but we done just fine without them- washing our clothes in the bath and walking into town and sitting on a wall outside someones house getting their free wifi. So we can barely complain.

I will miss Nussbrot, the kg of neverending jam, the neighbours who hated us and left us messages in swiss (which were useless cos we didnt understand them), getting changed in the dark at the pool, the tv that buuzzed, the scales that read different every time, albula, bernina, our wee lake, the amazing view from our balcony, the funky comfy leaopard print sofas, the toilet with the curatain for a door, and finding a new trail to run on every day.

But it is onwards to Budapest. Im fit, Im ready. Bring it on.

Nothing is impossible (c. G.Noble).