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The aftermath, and scraping another World cup race together - 14 October '10

Pre February 2014Posted by aileen Mon, February 03, 2014 21:46:20
So after Budapest I let my hair down a bit. I had a late night and ate crap. I drank wine and partied with the best of them. Not being used to that, I suffered and wasnt up to much. I felt like crap and did'nt train much that week, developed a sore throat and sniffles. I tried to fit in alot that week and managed a trip to London for a 'Women in public life awards' that Derry City Council had nominated me and I was shortlisted in the fional 3 in the Sportswoman section. A nice change to the norm swim, bike, run eat sleep, I met Sally Gunnell and Sian Williams from the telly.

The shortest awards in history it was over in 30minutes (the England cricket team won my section) so I headed off with my cousin for thai food and had a go on Borris's bike round London!

Having committed to the last French Grand Prix in Le Baule the weekend after Budapest, I went with tissues and strepsils in hand, in the longest possible journey to France with Ryanair. I raced like crap with zero energy on the run, but our team only had us three- Delphine Resseau, Kirsten Sweetland and I, so I had to finish. I willed it to be over.

Le Baule is notiorous for the 'after party', and I was in no fit state, I even went home early unable to speak I'd lost my voice. In the morning I felt the worst possible EVER. At the airport I smashed a bottle of wine in my luggage, threw out half my clothes. I eventually made it home to make nice homemade soup and it (me food processor) exploded, covering the celing and every surface in the kitchen. I then spent 4 full days laid out on the sofa drinking lemsip and feeling extremley sorry for myself.

Luckily I had 3 weeks to recover. Not having done any serious training since Pontresina It took a wee while, but I surprised myself at how much I had left at the end of the season. Now I'm feeling good and it's down to the last races of the year. Tongyeong World Cup, Korea this Saturday (17th Oct), and next weekend in Hong Kong, Asian cup (25 Oct). So I've just arrived in Tongyeong, pity my bike did'nt- it did'nt make the transfer in London, and so it will be sent to Hong Kong, and hopefully they will sent it to Korea? I was'nt optomistic about the bike making it, I even packed my race flats and trisuit in my hand luggage? Fingers crossed. Race Brief shortly, and I'm number 4! my highest start number. Thats not to say there is'nt any competition here- I'll be watching out for some strong juniors who don't have ranking numbers! Gav and Emma race too, Gav will be hoping to re-produce last weekends excellent 8th place in Hautalco, and Emma will be looking to get some good points up after a string of shi**y luck- previously suffering alergic reactions and a then a crash last week left her with stitches in her chin!