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Tongyeong World Cup - 24 October '10

Pre February 2014Posted by aileen Mon, February 03, 2014 21:47:30
Korea via Hong Kong. A long travel, it took a whole two days to get there leaving home at 2pm on Tuesday and arriving at the hotel 2pm Thursday. My bike didnt make it from Heathrow to Hong Kong. It arrived on Friday though so i was able to get in a wee cycle before the race early Saturday morning. Deidre was supposed to travel too, but an unfortunate accident meant she had stay with her son who broke his nose (get well soon jack). With Emma and Gavin travelling from Mexico (World Cup race in Haltaulco, Gav 8th), I met up with them for food and chat before race day.

Jet lagged but feeling in good shape I took the start line in the number 4 slot, I even got a mention in the race magazine!. I was confident that I could swim front pack here, but I was only afraid of a fast swim by a few who mite breakaway. My fears were realised when Jodie Swallow made a 30s lead after the swim with Radka in toe. I still managed to exit the water in a decent group of girls, including Muroa, Peon and Dittmer. A rather large hill on the bike course meant that we would have to work together on the bike to try to catch her. We did work together ok, but with Jodie so strong on the bike we were unable. She even managed to drop Radka and make a 2min lead on us unto the run. I lead our group out of transition as fast as I could, trying to drop a few. Myself, Dittmer, Peon, and Muroa ran together for the first lap and a half. Completly predictibly I got my stitch (one of these thing that I get sometimes-and dont know why), and I dropped off the group. I also realised I got a 15s time penalty for not putting my helmet in the box so I might as well take it now. I lost no spaces as 5th place was a bit behind, and ran on. Ahead I could see Peon slowing, so I ran past into 4th and finished in that position. 4th at a World Cup I will take, but again dissapointed that A-I couldnt swim as fast as Jodie, and -B, got the flippin stitch again.

All the girls were so amazed at Jodie, the class athlete that she is and how she deserved her success, we spent the rest of the time in Korea talking about how jealous we all were!

A wee glass of wine, some nice french Barkey treats and on to Hong Kong for the last one.