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1ST in Hong Kong Tri - 31 October '10

Pre February 2014Posted by aileen Mon, February 03, 2014 21:48:21
From Tongyeong onto Hong Kong for a race the following weekend. Although I didn’t think that I’d had a particularly hard bike or run, my legs were heavy and tired. Good job I wasn’t scheduled to do much work. I had an easy week at my sisters house in Hong Kong, cycled along Clearwater bay road, and swam with her club at the LRC in central HK. They asked me to do a talk to the younger swimmers, and I was delighted. Some very good swimmers- I had my work cut out when John gave us 6x100s off 6 minutes on Wednesday! It hurt. Training at the LRC was so cool as you could do backstroke and be looking up at the skyscrapers!

In the few days leading up to the race we thought it would be cancelled as there was a T3 warning (Tropical cyclone) for typhoon Megi, which meant that the race could be cancelled/ postponed/ changed to a duathlon. By race brief we weren’t much the wiser, but the brief was kina casual anyhow, in a field, and lots of changes to the route- a 1.5k run after the swim? Before the bike. But we were all glad that the typhoon went off course and the T3, had been scaled down to no warning by 6am on race day.

Disneyland was the race venue, but unfortunately we didn’t see much of Mickey or Minnie. The swim start was deep water, and as rank no#1 I started on the inside. As soon as we started Emma was on my shoulder. I thought great, with Emma and (hopefully Radka close behind) we could have a nice wee group on the bike. Thats what happened, Emma, Radka and I swam and biked together, got off together, and ran not all that far apart. I was so happy for Emma that things were going right for her, no reactions, no crashes, and she had a chance of a medal! The 3 of us knew that maybe 1 girl was capable of catching us, but we had 3minutes by T2, and I thought we’d have 1,2, and 3 in the bag. I ran at the front, and Emma held off Radka until lap2 when she overtook her, but we all ran faster than the other girls so were safe in the medals.

My sister and her fiancée came to watch and she was snapped in the photo at the finish line cheering me on. That was cool.

Gav passed me on the run and I asked where he was, he was in first and jogging! 2 wins, and a 3rd for the Irish in Hong Kong.

I enjoyed the rest of my week as it was the start of my 2 week end of season break. I visited many lovely restaurants and done girls lunches and touristy stuff. At the mo I’m just looking forward to my big sisters wedding, a friends hen do, and the TI awards dinner. Lots of fun before Christmas!