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Natal Feliz - 16 December '10

Pre February 2014Posted by aileen Mon, February 03, 2014 21:49:40
Since Hong Kong I took a wee break and have already started back into training. First my sister got married in picturesque Donegal. It was a great family 3-day-long knees up seeing all the cousins I havent seen in ages, and now I'm nudging them all to get married so we can all do it again!

The following weekend I went to freezing (but beautiful) Edinburgh for a friends hen party.

Then off to Dublin for the Triathlon Ireland awards dinner, thanks to the members who voted me the Vodafone athlete of the year. Again great to socialise and shop but soon after I was ready to knuckle down to some hard training.

Hence now I've found myself in sunny Portugal after this winters 'big freeze' for some winter miles. At home it was -4 for a few days heading to the pool. It was great to run in the powdery snow, and as long as you get the car to the pool you can swim. But looking at the same wall on the turbo is not fun, to sunshine and steak on the stone in Portugal it is.

My wee break allowed me to spend some time working on new sponsorships for next year or rather for Dave at Line-up to do it for me heehee. At the mo Ive got a few things lined up for soon, but Ive already had my stock of Optimum Nutrition delivered.

Yea. I wasnt sure what I'd do with all this stuff when it arrived, but I've now tried everything and voted my favourite product 2:1:1 recovery in very vanilla with hot milk. Ok so Ive had three cups today, so Im getting hooked, but when I return home I'll get to try the glycomaize cos it didnt arrive before I left. Im kina excited.