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From ice to nice - 22 Jan '11

Pre February 2014Posted by aileen Mon, February 03, 2014 21:50:33
Team Ireland arrived back in Aguilas on Monday to decent weather. It’s been a while, but the cabbage fields are still cabbagy, the pool lanes are still tiny, and the coffee on the prom is still second to none. I’ve missed my blue roundabout, and the hills for excellent bike training. But best thing is being back in the apartment I spent all of last winter in with a wee sun balcony overlooking the beach for after swimming porridge.

A rather exciting cabbage feild and the blue roundabout

With Gav and young Russell already here (with the Scottish) Myself, Connor, James, and Amy Wolfe made up team Ireland with the added bonus of Katrein Verstuyft, and Peter Croes from Belguim training with us. Its always good to have new people to ‘mix it up’ and with Amy having moved to Belgium and hoping to compete on the European circuit this year, she thought she’d give a ‘Team Ireland’ camp a go.

On Wednesday we had a nice 40x100s in the pool, then out on the bikes. We climbed Pulpi from San Juan, a road that’s been closed for the past two years and then on to Puerto Lamberas, and Big Bertha. 3hrs45 cycle followed by Gym and Run. That’s what you call a full day. But sure we love it.

Bike test thursday, fun, followed by tapas. Day off today, went to the market for breakfast, samoa for lunch and Argentinian steakhouse tonight. Here for two weeks so I should have plenty of opportunity to try the pizza place and whatever others I find.

Only exciting news recently is that I’ve got some new sponsors. Planet x bikes will arrive after I get home, and Asics! Woo. Been wearing Asics for donkeys years, so its fab to have the stuff I’ll actually wear.