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Sydney WTS - 14 April '12

Pre February 2014Posted by aileen Mon, February 03, 2014 22:09:16
So its now a World Triathlon Series and this years first, in Sydney was another mixed bag for me.

Image Delly Carr- ITU Media. Thats me 3rd from left.

I exited the water 4th just after Helen & Emma Moffat, Go me. I told you I could swim.

Then had a good bike ride and just didn't feel good on the run. A bit of funny tummy & just feeling wick, I cant explain it all, other than I know I could have run better. I will take a 28th nevertheless and remember the days i didn't swim 4th fastest!

Never mind, onto Ishagaki on Monday with Chris, Deirdre & Gav.

Gav done well in 35th, and we were both so pleased to have the Irish support here in Australia (via some of my family and the half of ireland who seem to work here) and support on Twitter etc. Thank you guys. Lots.

What a fab pic.