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Silver in Ishagaki World Cup (again) - 22 April '12

Pre February 2014Posted by aileen Mon, February 03, 2014 22:10:07
In my second visit to Ishagaki, I picked my my second silver. I was ranked no 4 going into the race, but I knew it was Kathy Tremblay I had to watch out for after her 6th place finish in Sydney WTS last week. I was surprised by the fast run of fellow canadian Sarah-Anne Buralt, who put I admittedly had somewhat of a tactical battle with. I tried to overtake her and she didn't let me, so I let her run in front and tire before I went for it. Sorry, but thats racing!

I did have a good swim again, exiting the water in 2nd behind Kathy. I thought we might have a small group but we ended up in one large group anyhow, which was more like a primary school slow bicycle race with a few sprints out of the corners thrown in, just for the craic.

Anyhow I stayed in the first 4 wheels to cover any breakaways, avoid crashes, and try to get myself in a good position for T2. I failed miserably on the last goal, and exited T2 way behind Kathy who had a mad dash for it on the way in (way behind in triathlon terms means 8-10seconds). I tried to close the deficit, but didn't want to blow the gasket. Then sarah and I had our wee battle (she is infact lovely) and I came away with silver in another World Cup I can be happy with.

Earlier in the week i was invited to the press conference, which was fun. Im not sure why the lads put their hand on the hips when the dude asked us to make 'guns', it looks v funny!

Off home now for 3 weeks, a FGP for my new team Poissy, and Madrid WTS.