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Madrid WTS Silver! - 27 May '12

Pre February 2014Posted by aileen Mon, February 03, 2014 22:12:00
WOOOO! Silver. On that last 800m I thought I might just collapse with the jelly legs I'm so glad I made it to the finish line.

In fact when I got off my bike, I was just happy to be still alive and in the race at all. That was honestly the hardest bike course ever. But after another shocking T2 I managed to pull back from a 12s deficit to catch the leaders who were running steady as a group at the front. When i got there I took a wee micro-rest (Thanks tommy) and cos it was comfy I decided to push on a wee bit without going mad. It worked a bit and we lost 2 or 3, but I didn't look behind me until the last turn around and seen I still had a tail of 3. Pants!

I knew Nicola would kill it in the sprint so I pushed some more, and then she went with 800 to go and Barb too, my only thought was pretending the line was closer than it was.

Anyhow, It moves me up the rankings some more and gives me a good kick in the ass to sort out me T2. Maybe we can make me a new track sessions; it could become a 1lap on the bike followed by dismount, rack bike, shoe change, and go!?

Massive thanks to coach Chris who is unfaltering in his coaching and patience! Also obviously to Tommy & Davy who I could not train without.

Next up 'TI Media Day' Thursday. Our Olympic 'announcement' some training pics and interviews. If your interested give Scott a shout on

Next stop Toulouse & Kitzhbuel. xxxx