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4 - Pickled But Alive! - 19th May '08

pre Dec '08Posted by aileen Mon, February 03, 2014 20:24:44
Aileen is heading out for her first international elite ITU race, read on for details of how it is all going..............

Pickled, but alive and oh my god I MADE IT HERE!

Last 2 weeks been pretty hectic after joey hannon it was straight back to work. I had laid aside the following weekend to get some work done for a Uni assignment, with the queens duathlon on the Saturday. Chris, Pete, Jag decide that my bike set up just isn’t quite right and so im off to Dublin on the Sunday.

The duathlon went good I was pleased with my bike as I felt I was pushing it a bit more, trying to hold on to one or two of the men. It was good to practice my dead turns (thanks Jag, you came in very useful!) it rained on the last lap and i lost count (in 5laps, I know, I’m thick) but eventually got into transition and off on the run to try catch those men who passed me on the bike. good race, well done QUBtri. No sandwiches tho, come on guys...

up at 7 off to Dublin, met up with the wheelworx guys for a truly international training session- Rob (irl), Elena (Rus), Pete (Ger), Katarina (Aus), Fernando (Sp), and myself the token northerner. 3hr 30 cycle consisting of some hills and lots of prompts to 'stay on that wheel' from rob, pete and even elena. it seems I’m the least experienced, but the one who needs it most (ability to stay on a wheel).

Into the bike shop from 130-6pm (all day) the guys totally changed my bike setup, new seat, cranks, handlebars, moved it all forward so I’m above the bottom bracket more now, and arms are bent.

Pete takes me to the park to practice transition. was loads a fun and learnt lots.

back on the road and home at 11pm, up till 3am finishing work for school. Iv now driven 1015miles since last Thursday before joey hannon. Heads pickeled.

The week was spent trying desperately to finish my assignment before I headed off TO MY FIRST INTERNATIONAL RACE!!! Didn’t sleep much (not like me), missed some training (not like me), and sat at computer all day long. Not what you’d call ideal race preparation. Assignment finished Wednesday, out for quick cycle on new set up, before I spent 2hours trying to figure how to put the stupid thing into a bike box without sawing it in half. Bed by 11, up at 4am, cant believe I actually made it to the airport (with my passport) what a week.

Arrive Brno, Czech Rep, Thursday 7pm, hotel is less than 100m to start/ finish/ transition area.

Oh my god, I’m actually doing an elite, International race, holy sugarlumps. (its only actually hit me).

Swim fine, run fine, bike reasonably technical, 8 laps, Chris assures me it’ll be fine. I’m gald himself and Brian Jenkins are here to calm me down, and show me the ropes. Gavin arrived last nite, (Friday). Over dinner we discuss ‘stuff’, the guy has put the last 4 years of his life into this, he’s looking good, and we all wish him the best Sunday.

Fingers crossed for us!

Will update you how it went.