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6 - Injured but still training - 11th June '08

pre Dec '08Posted by aileen Mon, February 03, 2014 20:26:38
I'm a bit of an injury case at the mo. foot still iffy..........(in Checz Rep i pulled a tendon a little, but then then ran on it- bad idea).

I started running on sunday (after 2-3 weeks of no running), just a little every day. I can still feel it tight, but not painfull, so I have to run and get physio 3 times a week while I it get sorted.

I also staved my fingers on a netball course yesterday, they're purple but theyre fine and I still swam both yesterday and today, apart from that I've got a bug bite or boil or something growing out the side of my leg, very attractive. going home to doctor tomorrow. it was VERY sore, until I stuck a needle in it and oh pain for a few seconds was worth it all, feels alot better. (I can now walk again & sleep!) but the open wound that was left on my leg has now been covered by a compeed blister plaster, (so I wont get blood poisining). what a good idea! I could include details of the surgical operation I performed on myself, but if you got a weak stomach, you wouldnt like it.

All the injuries have have little effect on trainin hours, in fact last week I went up to 29hrs. pretty good for me. the biking seems to have taken off, biking nearly every day. still getting the sore neck on bike, but hey. knees haven't felt bad in ages, probably due to lots of cycling strengthening them up. Rachel, my new training buddy is great on the bike and will really push me on. I think I clocked 397k on the bike last week.

Swimming is going great, myself and Rachel have joined lisburn city, doing 5x 2hr sessions, 4 of which are early morning (in the pool for 5.30am). also we do a lake swim on a thursday, and because I wasnt running I did a double swim last thursday (at home in derry) so really thats 8 swims, possibly 40k.

I was supposed to be doing Northern Ireland track champs this weekend 5k, but obviously not with the foot. Next race is world student games triathlon Erdek Turkey. fingers crossed I'll be ok. please please please.

What am i like, bet you didnt know I was falling apart so much but sure if you an still do 29 hours, its not a bad thing.

And what about Emma? great girl, I passed on the Irish triathlon community support via email yesterday. go you.