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Home and Away - 20 Feb '11

Pre February 2014Posted by aileen Mon, February 03, 2014 21:51:36
I've about 20 home and aways taped on sky plus. They are saved from when I was away in spain last, and now im going again in the morning. I know a totally brainless tv show, but it is somwhat escapism,, and background tv at the same time (you can miss bits and it dosnt matter).

So since I came home I competed in the NI XC in stranolar, (yes donegal). It was a totally unsuitable flat feild with many holes. I didnt enjoy it much, despite that I did come 2nd and our team- City of Derry, Senior Women- won! Woo. But Gladys Ganiel won in fantastic fashion fair dues. It was so painful, I forgot how much racing hurts.

My new asics kit arrived the day before woo.

Then the new bike arrived! Its a Planet X la Squadra, and its my new training machine.

Totally beaut in black and baby blue its so lovely, and even all the boys were asking on the club ride yesterday. But shes now packed up and coming to spain in the morning.

Its been great to have the support of new sponsors ASICS and Planet x.

Most recent fun then this week was Bernard Dunne coming out to visit me training at SINI on Friday. He was looking a go on the SRM after me but he wasnt allowed. Pity he'd have enjoyed the 4min all-out-test I done!. That was hard n all. He was filming for RTE, and will air on Friday 25th on the Daily Show. Hopefully it will be on I player as well as Il be in Spain. O did i say that already.

Hasta later.