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Transitions & stuff - 10 April '11

Pre February 2014Posted by aileen Mon, February 03, 2014 21:56:08
So since my last blog I’ve been v busy. Team Ireland spent two weeks back in Aguilas, our second home for the winter. My aim this time was to train hard, whilst managing some niggly ankle and foot issues. This meant no running in my beloved cabbage fields, but lots of running on the road and lots of (boring but necessary) foot exercises which I’m still doing continuously. Also by this point coming into season I tried not to eat myself in weight as the breakfast and dinner buffets in the 4 star Don Juan were to die for. Luckily I returned the same weight.

Our usual crew of Gav, Bryan, Conor, Peter & Katrein (Belgium) and Amy were joined by Top Irish runner Fionnuala Britton (she’s fast boy). Support staff were in the form of Tommy (Cycling), Dee & Martina (physio & S&C) Damien & Johnny (SINI- physiologist & video analysis) and Eanna McGrath.

On our last weekend in Spain myself, Gavin and Katrein competed in a Duathlon in Fuente Alamo. Katrein and I ran well to stay with Auna Moura & Radka Vodikcova over the first run, but my transition was pure pants and I couldn’t get my feet in my shoes so they got away and I cycled the course solo until Katrein came off on the roundabout and we were able to cycle together for the last 10mins. I ran the second run really quite fast but they had gotten away and so, I learned my lesson. Gavin too suffered bad luck with blisters on the run and a spill on the same roundabout as Katrein. Because the injured Bryan, Peter & Amy weren’t competing, they cycled the 3hours to Fuente Alamo to watch. Only Bryan broke his chain not half way, fixed it, broke it again, and then was pushed the remaining 10k by Peter & Amy! So all in all, an extremely bad day at the office for all of us.

Onto home again, 4 weeks in fact. With a good block of training in my legs I headed off to race #1 in Antalya Turkey, an ETU cup. My aim,,, to execute everything properly, good start, good transitions, stay on the bike, come fast out of T2 and well, win if I could. Ranked #1 there was some pressure, but with thunder lightening and serious cross winds the day before it looked like there could be some luck involved. I executed the prefect race (well both transitions weren’t great), I started great, lead the swim, did some work on the bike and ran fast out of T2. And I won. Yes yes, the win is great, but this time it was more about doing everything right, so I was indeed happy.

Last week my new race bike arrived, and yesterday my race wheels, I went to the Mary Peters and practiced some transitions at the track. I got some funny looks, but hopefully they will be better in Ishigaki. I fly tomorrow Monday, 4 flights and ill get there on Wednesday! Crazy.

In the mean time Gav and Emma have both suffered more ridiculous bad luck with Emma getting another allergic reaction having to stop in the Mooloolaba race, and Gav getting Dq’d (but it got overturned yesterday). Then both were not able to start the Sydney WCS race. And even worse it was Emmas birthday last week, and Gavs this week. Crappy luck altogether.

Ill see them both in Ishigaki as the 3 of us race next Sunday in the World Cup race there.