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Dunkerque FGP - 25 May '11

Pre February 2014Posted by aileen Mon, February 03, 2014 21:58:20
Last week I enjoyed a full and varied week of training! I was also more holy than mother Theresa as I had swim testing on Monday and Wednesday and testing on the track over 12x 300s. Holy referring to the number of lactate prick holes in my fingers BTW. Testing went good and we got lots of useful information for training data. By Thursday I was winding down, and decided not to travel to France until Saturday, with the race on Sunday and fly home after the race. With the one day turn-around in mind I also decided to try using a team bike as Kirsten (Sweetland) had done this in Le Baule and it worked out just fine. Twas a great idea as I travelled with ease, and the bike was grand. I got up early on Sunday for a lap of the course before breakfast and make sure the bike worked ticketyboo.

Non & Charl.

Our Cesson team this time consisted of Myself along with Delphine, Yoliene, Non Stanford & Charollote Mc Shane (France, Belgium, Wales, Australia). I expected we would do well as a team. Swim start was madness, I got swam over and Charlotte got punched in the face! I exited the water just off a bunch with Yoliene, we missed front pack by seconds. I busted my ass anyhow and got dropped from the second pack too, and joined Non in another little group. I got dropped from that too, and ended up in a big pack of girls with Charlotte driving the bunch. I managed to stay with them, albeit hanging on for dear life at the back of the group. By the time I started the run I thought Id try to re-gain some credit, but I was mentally done having told myself I was crap, and should retire from triathlon altogether. On the run both Yoliene and Delphine dropped out as Delphine's teeth were hurting (wisdom teeth), and Yoliene had a cold. So now I had to finish to make enough places up for the team. I did, with Non and Charlotte a good few places in front. Our team placed 7th, and I feel bad for Olivier our team manager as Its my second bad race for Cesson after last years disaster in Le Baule. Sorry Olivier.

Thats me getting dropped in the green helmet

After the race I said no excuses, It was just a bad race. Take your oil, (a Derry saying). But chris made me take a day off even though I didn't feel like I needed it. Then I woke up on tuesday with a sore throat and was forced to take another day off! On reflection maybe I didn't give the race the credit it deserved, I thought I was heading over for a wee easy race, but all the big guns turned up, and it was HARD.

I've a few days easy now before some last prep for Madrid WCS race on 5th June. Ill be meeting up with Gav, Bryan, and Emma in Dublin at the weekend as we are getting new TI kit and we have a meeting with the OCI peops out uniform for the OLYMPICS! wooo.

With all the doom and gloom in my life it was nice to see some photos I had taken last week in Belfast, thanks to Laurence J Photography- he's doing a project on sportswomen and I kindly obliged to pose for a few. His work was amazing, all lights and big cameras. Thanks Larry.