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Windsor - 22 June '11

Pre February 2014Posted by aileen Mon, February 03, 2014 21:59:26
It was bl**dy cold! I could stop there, but best fill in since FGP.

After the FGP I spent a week on the sofa with lemsip and flirted with some easy training later in the week. I done a hard bike and run on the Saturday as a test to decide if I’d do Madrid WCS. It went ok, and so I was all set. Come Monday I felt worse than I’d felt the previous week and we decided not to go.

The same day Triathlon Ireland had organized a big- all signing, all dancing, media day in Dublin with photo shoots, TV interviews, journo interviews, telephone interviews, media training, interspersed with lunch and coffee. The day was a success and topped off with Anne O Leary announcing the 3 year deal with Vodafone sponsoring Triathlon Ireland and supporting the national series events.

Another week of easy enough training until Thursday when Chris delivered a killer session. 4x 10s hills, 4x 2min hills, then block of 15min tempo. Three times. Each block took 45mins so inc warm-up I was running over 2hours 30mins. I didn’t bother with a cool down! I had sore legs for a few days.

With missing the WCS race I was a bit disappointed, but knew I wasn’t fit for it as I was still coughing when I watched Paula Findlay win online.

Instead, the following weekend I headed for Windsor, part of the British super series. This time I prepared well and had a win in mind. After watching Abbie Thornigton lead the swim in Madrid, I knew she would out-class everyone here too, I just hoped that I could go with her on the bike. I didn’t, and she managed a 30something sec gap into T1 with Amy Wolfe and I exiting the water together, with a few other hot on our heels. It turned out we had 6 or so including Heather Jackson (good biking), Jacqui Slack and Lois Rosindale. The girls and I actually cycled well taking turns and we eventually caught Abbie. The rain made it cold and the spray made it horrible, spitting every few minutes with all the dirt.

I didn’t enjoy the race and spent more time at the front than I would have liked, only to try to stay out of the spray and push the pace to muster some warmth.

Heading into T2 I couldn’t feel my hands, therefore change gears or brake, which is kind of necessary. So I didn’t try to get in first instead I was careful (but slow), and when I racked my bike I couldn’t undo my helmet or put on my shoes. When I eventually left T2(I think I was last out), it was like running on stumps. It took 2 laps until I got the feeling back to my feet, but by that time Lois had a good lead on me. I ran as fast as I could in the conditions, but Lois out-ran me and won. I was impressed by the strength of the British girls, and how good their biking was. But also Lois ran well and it was her first win, well deserved.

A quick turn around to the airport, another week of training in the bank and then final prep for European Championships this weekend (25th June) in Pontevedra, northern Spain.

I had an interesting bike/run/bike/run/bike/run session on Monday. Seemingly my HR and lactates went down as I went along! Apparently I have weird lactate buffering capabilities. I also smashed out an amazing set in the pool the very day coach Chris decided to visit. It happened to be my birthday that day, so it made me happy, followed by a special croissant breakfast après-swim.

Next up Europeans this weekend. The start list says I’m ranked no# 5. But I’ve picked out 2 good swimmers (Jensen & Thorington), not to let get away, or even better bring me with you! And a handful of Spanish runners (namely Moura, Rodiguez, Dalmincourt) and 2 French to watch out for Charayon & Peon who could do well. I always say there are always young ones coming through to watch out for, so I may well have missed someone in there! My aim is to get a good swim and then be first one out of T2! (that would be a first).